Çerez Örnek

Mission and Vision


Our program mission is: to aquire the knowledge and skills to serve in the different fields of the Landscape Architecture profession; to be sensitive to preserving nature and the natural balance; to adopt principles complying with social and ethical values; to follow closely developments in our country and around the world; to understood the importance of self-development and renewal throughout life; to be able to use information and communication technologies at a high level; to train contemporary Landscape Architects to think analytically and critically; to be able to take an active role in solving all kinds of professional problems on a national and international scale through science and technology-based research; to strengthen social and sectoral relations and thus contribute to the development of the profession.



Our program vision is: to be a pioneer of quality educational activities and to conduct original scientific research through well-equipped academic staff; to develop a student-centered teaching approach; to be a Landscape Architecture Department that is strongly involved with national and international stakeholders.

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