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The Department of Landscape Architecture was established in 1976 and entered into the educational program in 1977-78.

Landscape architecture is the art and science of analysis, planning, design, management, preservation and rehabilitation of the land. The scope of the profession includes site planning and development, environmental restoration, sustainable design, urban planning, park and recreation planning, regional planning, and historic preservation. Practitioners share a commitment of achieving a balance between conservation, use and management of natural-cultural resources in the country.

In addition to education and training activities; project studies for planning and design in the revolving fund, preparing technical reports about different topics, provision of consultation and expertise upon natural sites and environmental issues,  conservation and improvement of  natural and cultural resources,  activities to create community awareness and sensitivity about the  protection of environmental resources through radio and television programs, public meetings and conferences,  students’ design projects for different purposes especially for schools and military organizations are being materialized at the department.

The basic facilities for the education – research, activities are; 2 classrooms, 2 design studios, 1 computer room, 1 library-meeting room and an interior garden.


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