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Program Outcomes

PO 1

Has the ability to produce and implement plans / projects for the planning, design, conservation and management of natural and cultural landscapes using theoretical knowledge based on an ecological approach.

PO 2

Analyzes the landscape with an ecological approach, using theoretical knowledge in the fields of reclamation-restoration and engineering; produces and implements solutions in these areas.

PO 3

Has multidimensional knowledge and understanding of environmental problems and natural disasters within environmental and social sustainability principles and standards.

PO 4

Recognizes and uses the construction and plant materials required for the planning, design, conservation and management of the landscape.

PO 5

Uses modern tools, techniques and technologies required for the planning, design, conservation and management of the landscape.

PO 6

Has knowledge of the legislation related to the field and acts with ethical principles and social responsibility required for the work.

PO 7

Thinks analytically and dialectically in accessing information and solvıng problems, conveys her/his thoughts textually, verbally and visually; shares the information with experts and non-experts by supporting them with quantitative and qualitative data.

PO 8

Acts independently and takes initiative in her/his work; Amenable to interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary teamwork.

PO 9

With the awareness of social responsibility, produces and implements projects for the social environment in which she/he lives and contributes to the awareness of the society.

PO 10

Understands the importance of lifelong learning and self-development, uses at least one foreign language, and uses information and communication technologies to follow and communicate domestic and international developments in the field.

PO 11

In the context of the multi-layered structure of the landscape, has knowledge about the place of the profession in the geographical, historical, social and cultural context.

PO 12

Respects social and cultural rights, shows the necessary sensitivity in the protection of the natural environment and cultural heritage, and acts accordingly.


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