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The answer to the question ‘Why should I choose to study at the department of Landscape Architecture?’ has three components; İzmir, Ege University and the department itself.

İzmir, once the ancient city of Smyrna, is located in the western part of Turkey. The third biggest city in the country, it also has one of its largest ports. As one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean, the history of İzmir dates back thousands of years. Excavations have revealed several different periods and settlements throughout the centuries. It was once a city of merchants, built around its now dwindling Levantine population, and still maintains this character to some extent. Nowadays, İzmir is a large metropolis with a population of more than four million inhabitants. As a coastal city it offers a vibrant social and cultural life, along with its rich historical character. Above all, it is a very livable and sought after place where people from all over Turkey wish to settle.

Ege University, one of the country’s leading scientific and educational institutions, is located in the heart of İzmir. Established in 1955, the university is Turkey’s fourth oldest, and the region’s first. Since its foundation, it has adopted the principles of contributing to the scientific world on a universal scale by producing knowledge rich in quantity and quality, educating individuals and turning out culturally and scientifically well-equipped researchers.

Landscape Architecture is one of the ten departments comprising the Faculty of Agriculture at Ege University. With 13 distinguished senior and junior faculty members, the department serves to benefit both the students and the community. The department deals with land planning, design, reclamation and management - with the aim of improving the life quality and functionality of the physical environment by considering conservation and management principles of natural and cultural landscapes.

The department, with several international connections and agreements, including Erasmus+, is involved in a number of international projects. It is currently in the process of national accreditation and works constantly to improve the quality of education with an open mind to new ideas. The department is the choice of highly qualified students through a centralized university entry exam in Turkey. Five landscape planning and design studio classes form the backbone of the undergraduate courses at the department. The department also offers MSc and PhD programmes that attract a wide range of students with different majors such as architecture and urban planning.

The department of Landscape Architecture within the Faculty of Agriculture at Ege University welcomes you all.



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